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Dream About Holding Hands – Interpretation And Symbol Meaning

Your dream about holding hands can be interpreted in several ways: biblical or spiritual. Holding hands in your dream can mean a few things and are usually a good sign; it may symbolize good luck, love, positivity, affection, and connection with that person. The Interpretation is subject to specific factors such as who held your hands in the dream. In dreams., hands signify the kind of connections and relationships we have with others in our lives. To further understand the exact meaning of the dream, let us look at the specific factors.


What does it mean when you dream about holding hands with someone you don’t know?

Dreams about holding hands with a stranger indicate that you have been feeling lonely and you are ready to explore new relationships and friendships. This dream is an excellent indicator that you have been in a miserable state, and you desire the company of someone who can help you get out of that state.

The takeaway from a dream is that you need to be open to others and allow them into your life because you need an emotional or physical connection with someone who understands what you are going through and is ready to offer you a shoulder to lean on. It signifies that you lack excitement and fun because you are changing some aspects of your life.


Dream About Holding Hands With Your Crush

dream about holding hands with your crush

When you dream about holding hands with your crush, it represents your fascination and attraction towards your crush and that you have a pessimistic outlook towards it. You could be feeling that your time is running out, and you need to be mindful of some deadlines. It is a premonition for greed.

This dream indicates that you need to try another perspective to succeed. Dreaming about holding your crush’s hands suggests that you are unsure about your crush’s intentions. You are feeling limited and constrained. It symbolizes that negative forces are drawing you towards a path of dishonor.


Dream About Holding Hand With Your Partner

Holding hands with your partner in your dream could be a negative connotation. It could signal that you and your partner are about to face some challenges or experience bad luck. Dreams of holding hands with your partner signify that you will enter a financial crisis.

Your subconscious is trying to guide you. You are likely to lose your investments or be deep in debt. Take this dream as a warning and as guidance from your divinity. Exercise caution when dealing with money matters.


Dream Of Holding Hands With Your Ex-Partner

Holding your ex-partner’s hands in your dreams symbolizes that you are not over your ex and wish to have their connection again. Alternatively, it could mean that your ex is thinking about you. You are still holding on to the memories, and you have not accepted that they are not a significant part of your life.

The takeaway from this kind of dream is that you need to try and move forward in life because the desire to have someone come back to your life will only cause you more pain. Make the days of your life count as you keep moving forward past that relationship with your ex-partner.


Dream About Holding Hands With A Friend

Dreams about holding hands with your friend are an indication of your fears. You fear losing the people that are close to you. Because you fear being abandoned and alone, you do not develop a secure attachment with your friends, but you desire to keep them close.

A friend appearing in your dream means that there will be an end to some relationship or situation. Therefore, you need to adjust to specific conditions and circumstances. Holding hands with your friend can be interpreted as dealing with issues with your self-identity.

You need to clear old experiences and make way for something new while appreciating what you have around you. A dream where you were holding hands with your friend could mean overextending yourself to others instead of paying attention to your own needs. It is an indication that there is a void that you need to fill.


Dreaming Of Holding A Child’s Hands

Dreams of holding a child’s hands are a good sign. It means that you will be successful in solving problems in your life. You crave peace and stability, and your peace will be restored. A dream about holding hands with a child denotes a transition into an essential phase of your life that is different from what you intended. You will be happy with yourself and full of satisfaction.

Such dreams can also be interpreted as your need to be cared for and nurtured. It indicates that there is something you are repressing, and you need to take time to clear the clutter in your life. You are going to balance certain aspects of your life successfully.


The Biblical Meaning

Biblical meaning of holding hands in a dream

When you dream about hands, Biblically, God’s hands are upon you and your life. Your life is going to be transformed, and you should give praise to God’s name. To correctly interpret the Biblical meaning of holding hands in a dream, you need to consider the following things because hands can do many things.

  • Whose hands you saw
  • The kind of emotions you experienced or attached to the hands in the dream; If you feel happy about the dream, then the dream signifies something good.
  • The condition of the hands

The right hands in your dreams have a good perspective and can indicate breakthrough, focus, or being in the right place of destiny.

If you attach negative emotions to the hands in your dream, if you were in fear or sadness while dreaming about your hands, it signifies an unfortunate event that may occur.

If you dream of holding someone else’s hands, you are at peace with that person, but if you dream that someone is forcefully shaking your hands, you may lose all your blessings.

A dream where you are holding the pastor’s hands or God’s hands means that you are contacting your blessings.


The Spiritual Meaning

In the spiritual realm, dreams about hands are often a bad sign. Holding hands symbolize passion and a strong connection. Wicked people can use dreams about their hands to cause evil operations.

The emotions you attached to the person in the dream determine the meaning. Dreams about holding hands with the wrong people, and you wake up feeling bad; it means that their spirit doesn’t agree with you.

Often, dreams of holding hands with someone are signs that you need to help someone or someone is reaching out to you for help or could symbolize working in unity.

In spirit, if you are holding hands with a person whose identity you do not know, you are relating with the wrong people, which could be harmful to you and your destiny.


Dream About Holding Hands Symbol Meaning

Holding hands symbolizes love, comfort, and intimacy shared between two people. It is a special and affectionate way of expressing your romantic affection towards someone and comforting another person. It instills a secure feeling and reassurance, especially during stressful situations.

Holding hands is the best way to feel connected to someone. Holding hands works wonders, and you may not need to use words. If you are sad or depressed, someone holding your hand can make you feel relief.

Holding hands is a way of showing and expressing affection. You experience a positive experience from holdings. This positive feeling results from the release of the oxytocin hormone which is good for your mental and emotional health. Oxytocin is responsible for empathy, bonding, connection, and building trust. Holding hands strengthens relationships.

We often hold hands in times of crisis. It is a form of support. In many cultures, we hold hands with someone in pain to show support for them. Holding hands has been taught to us since childhood. Holding hands makes a difference and a positive impact on most lives.



Holding hands in a dream mostly has a positive connotation. Dreams about holding hands tell a lot about your current psychological state and emotions and carry important information about your near future. Should you take dreams about holding hands seriously? You should, but it is ultimately your choice. Some people do not take dreams seriously, but it is good to examine the more profound meaning if you do. Many situations can occur when you dream about holding hands. Therefore it is vital to be sure about the context and whose hands you were holding to interpret the dream successfully.

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