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44 Effective Affirmations for Shifting Realities – Overcome Difficulties

Affirmations for shifting are a powerful way to shift your daily life. But most people don’t know or ignore how to focus on positive change in your life. Let me explain why affirmations are significant and how they effectively help change positive energy.


What are Affirmations?

Every day, people talk more to themselves than to others. In doing so, the subconscious mind is more likely to take every word you hear than reason. If you always say negativity in your mind, bad things will happen in life, and on the other way, positivity will happen to good things in life. Affirmation means rewriting good positive sentences in mind. For example, If you say “I’m beautiful” in your mind 10 times a day, you feel a good vibe and more confidence.


How to use these powerful shifting affirmations effectively?

How do you use these powerful shifting affirmations effectively

The positive sentences are best to start the day by repeating the affirmation that the vibe can give you positive emotional support in life. They focus on the good things in life and attract ideas and beliefs that bring about positive change. That is why affirmation for shifting is so popular as a powerful way for young and old alike to succeed in life.

Most importantly, remember to practice your affirmations every day. You to practice getting up in the morning and going to bed once a day. Here are some significant steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for affirmations.

The best way to recite is to stand in front of a mirror. Take a deep breath and focus on the sentences that you’ve chosen affirmations from the shifting list. While saying that, you need to pay special attention to what you want.

Then speak slowly and deeply from your mouth. Let affirmations be absorbed by your body and unconscious and flow to the heart. When you practice, concentrate on what you have chosen from the list or want, and practice as if you already have it.

When you first start training, you may feel mentally unstable, but three to six months will be easier when you practice. They are the right ways for beginners to practice and easy and effective ways to practice affirmations for shifting.


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Below are the lists of affirmations: Choose one or two sentences from the list that best suit your needs or aspirations. Then, you recite them daily.

Daily Affirmations for shifting

1. I have the power to overcome difficulties.

2. I’m proud to be alive every day.

3. I choose to give love.

4. I deserve love.

5. I am the guide and creator of my life.

6. Every day I love to do great things.

7. I have the power to create the desired reality

8. I let go of any negative and limiting beliefs.

9. Fear is just an emotion. I can shift to overcome it and move forward.

10. I’m able to see the opportunities around me. And I deserve them.

11. I will not let my fears control me.

12. I live in my desired reality.

13. I am enough.

14. I can shift what I want to be really.

15. I have overcome the fear.


Desired Affirmations to Shift Your Reality 

16. I am a great and good receiver.
17. I can shift successfully.
18. I am already in my desired reality.
19. I am confident in my ability to shift my desire.
20. I am going to shift to my desired reality.
21. Everything is enough and perfect in my desired reality.
22. I concentrated on shifting.
23. I believe I can shift easily.
24. I can shift whatever I desire
25. I am powerful and good enough.
26. I am grateful.
27. I am unique.
28. I’m going to wake up in my desired reality
29. I am happy to be in my desired reality



Positive Affirmations to Shift Your Mindset

30. I am good enough.

31. I am powerful to shift my desired reality.

32. I believe that I can shift.

33. I am confident I have successfully shifted realities.

34. I can shift.

35. I have the ability that I want to shift.

36. I know I have already succeeded at shifting to my desired realities.

37. I believe shifting is more effortless than breathing.

38. I believe shifting realities are real.

39. I believe shifting is more accessible than a blink.

40. I believe I have the power to shift.

41. I can shift my consciousness to the reality I desire whenever I want to.

42. I can shift my inner mind.

43. I can shift my inner mind to the realities I desire.

44. I believe my shifting process will go smoothly.


Benefits of Positive Affirmations for shifting

Benefits of Positive Affirmations for shifting

Affirmation for shifting is the process of rewriting your brain and replenishing it with positive thoughts. They strengthen the mind and magnetize your desires.

Imagine that if you’re always talking positive words to yourself, which are rewritten in the brain and stimulate the subconscious. The positivity words can boost your self-confidence and help to reduce stress and anxiety. On the contrary, reduces negative thoughts that are not necessary for life and promotes good mental health.

Affirmations awaken the soul with the power of the subconscious. The awake mind makes the key to a good quality personality. They can help you grow and succeed in life.

Build your confidence and change your negative thoughts into positive ones. Setting up the mindset with positivity helps enhance better relationships. You will be aware that you have the power to heal, improve your quality of life and help you overcome a bad habit.


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According to scientific experiments, people think more than 6,000 thoughts per day, so you should pay attention to the thoughts that you consider all day. Do not dwell on negative thoughts. Think of a lot of positive things that will make you feel good. Every thought we think and, every word we speak is powerful. So, you need to be aware of that power. As brilliant people who possess that powerful spirit, we have the ability to change our lives, our world, and our desires.

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